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When the National Folk Festival returns to Greensboro on Sept. 8-10, most of the attention will be on the artists making music on stages throughout the downtown area. But the festival also gives an outlet for other, equally gifted artists to show the public what they can do.

The National Folk Festival will include nearly 20 local craftspeople, who will have a wide range of handmade items (both traditional and contemporary) for sale at the festival’s North Carolina Arts Marketplace.

Andrena Stoddard Coleman designs quilts and fabric art for bed coverings, wall hangings, family portraits, tote bags, dolls and apparel for Drena’s Dream Quintessential Quilts.

“I am looking forward to participating in the Folk Festival for the third year,” Coleman said. “This event has afforded me an opportunity to meet and greet visitors to the festival, collaborate with other artists and to share stories about my work with a diverse audience.”

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